Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why take English-speaking examinations?

There are several English examinations whose official certificates are internationally recognized. Choosing the type of examination depends on the student’s level of English, on his objectives, on his study option and on the time he has to prepare them. He is advised by the section’s teachers and must obtain their permission to register for the examinations.

They provide an undeniable advantage on a CV, but the majority of French and international institutions of higher education demand at least an accreditation of the level in English. They also ask for complementary English or American diplomas or tests, depending on the case.

Cambridge Certificates

Dispensed by the Cambridge University examination service, the highly reputed Cambridge exams propose three principal official certificates corresponding with three levels usually referred to as « First » (FCE), « Advanced » (CAE) and « Proficiency » (CPE).
These exams attest one’s level in English for the French and international institutions of higher education as well as for a future employer.

Online Information: Cambridge website

International General Certificate of Secondary Education – IGCSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, IGCSE, is a diploma generally obtained at age 16 in certain Anglo-Saxon countries, sanctioning the level obtained in a specific discipline (mathematics, English literature, geography… etc.)

It develops the students’ chances for success by giving them an excellent preparation for the next steps in their education, for their jobs and for future exams.
IGCSE is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

2. What is the difference between AGESSIA and APELEVIA?

AGESSIA is an association that manages extra-curricular activities of the English-speaking section of Georges Duby High School, in order to enrich the English-speaking curriculum over and above the OIB within a convention with the high school, in cooperation with the students’ parents. AGESSIA is not a parent’s federation.

APELEVIA is an association of students’ parents representing the parents of the English-speaking section as a local independent parent’s association for Mignet Junior High School and Georges Duby High School. Its elected delegates represent the parents of the students in the English-speaking section at class meetings, at the board of directors, at committee meetings and with the high school administration.

3. Why join AGESSIA?

AGESSIA is the indispensable tool allowing the section to have a logistic support in order to continue to offer our students a choice of extra-curricular services and activities which broaden and enrich the offer proposed by the Department of Education.

It is important that all the parents stand together to contribute to this mutualization of means for the greatest benefit for all.


Association des activités extra-scolaires de la section anglophone du Lycee Georges Duby