Membership & Contributions


In order to take advantage of the services and activities offered by AGESSIA, parents need to become members of the Association by filling out a registration form at the beginning of each school year (Seconde, Première and Terminale).

The membership form with payment can be presented with the enrollment form in June.

Alternatively, it can be mailed to:
Lycée Georges Duby
200 avenue Georges Duby
13080 LUYNES

or delivered to the English-speaking section office n° 307 of the G. Duby High School.


Membership fee in AGESSIA is due each year for three years. Families with several children enrolled in the English-speaking section enjoy a decreasing rate of charge.

Annual Contributions 2018-19

  • 1 child in the English-speaking section: 220 €    ♥ if you sign up before 30 September 2018, you pay 200€ ♥
  • 2 children in the English-speaking section: 300 €

Families with bursaries should contact the Association.

Students repeating the year are exonerated of contributions for the year in question.


If you wish to donate to AGESSIA,  contact-us.

Association des activités extra-scolaires de la section anglophone du Lycee Georges Duby