AGESSIA functions thanks to the voluntary work of the office members and to the commitment of volunteers from the parents.

Its secretariat is made up of two employees at the service of both the association and the students, insuring the administration of foreign examinations and the extra-curricular activities of the high school’s English-speaking section.

The office

The AGESSIA office consists of parents or former parents of students of the high school’s English-speaking section who are volunteers elected by the association’s General Assembly at the beginning of the school year.

These parents volunteer to make the AGESSIA Association function and they work in close collaboration with the teacher responsible for the English-speaking section, Mrs. MYRON.
Other parents help the members of the office from time to time.

1                   2                 3                      4

  • President : Marianne Gazaille (2)
  • Vice-President : Susie Dary-Alabaster (1)
  • Treasurer : Catherine Chavane (3)
  • Office Secretariate : Marie-Laurence BAHOUT (4)

English-speaking section secretariat

Office 307 of the English-speaking section is open every working day:  we provide students with all necessary information and procedures.

SL lycéeSylviane Laget-Drop

  • Administration of foreign examinations (IGCSE, Cambridge ESOL).
  • Coordination of foreign examinations: IGCSE, Cambridge ESOL and Cambridge Admissions Test (UK), Scholastic Aptitude Test (USA).
  • Member of the Exchange Committee
  • Assistance with the preparation of folders for candidates to English-speaking universities.
  • Organisation of training tests for the Cambridge Admissions Test.
  • Assistance in putting together candidates’ folders for the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland, the US and the Netherlands.
  • Organisation of the « Debate Club ».
  • Participation in organising cultural exchanges.

Association des activités extra-scolaires de la section anglophone du Lycee Georges Duby