AIXMUn 2019


9th & 10th February

Fourteen Georges Duby delegates, accompanied by university students from other French town and cities, participated in a full weekend of debating. The conference was organised by students at Sciences Po, Aix and all of our students contributed fully and enthusiastically during the two days of intense lobbying and debating.

There were two English-speaking committees and we chose to join the committee with the topic : ‘UNESCO – Safeguarding World Heritage’ which referred to cultural treasures and/or special natural sites of interest in each of the countries represented by the delegates. For the list of our delegates and their countries please see below.

Harout ALBARIAN (USA) ; Adéle BADIOU (India) ; Arthus BASTIAN (Belgium) ; Lauren CHENIO (Tunisia) ; Anaïs CHIGNARD (Chile) ; Elodie DEGRANGE (Ethiopia) ; Emilie DELFORGE (Indonesia) ; Marie GAUDET (UAE) ; Nadia GOLOTCHOGLOU (Russian Federation) ; Camylle JORDAN (Turkey) ; Abigaëlle MARSEILLE (Nigeria) ; Thalsa Thiziri MEKAOUCHE (Japan) ; Héléna PANNETIER (Poland) ; Emie VEYRAT COTTE (Egypt).



Many thanks then to Mme Océane PINCOT (President of Aix MUN 2019) and her team ; the UNESCO committee was very well chaired and the administrative staff were warm and welcoming. Thanks also go to Mme Byrnes who was present at the conference on both the  Saturday and the Sunday.

The attendance certificates are in the process of being printed and will soon be in the hands of the well- deserving delegates ; what they each had to say over the two days was always focused, pertinent, well-phrased and impressively delivered. Congratulations all !

D. Lewis, 26.02.19