Our Green Dream

Our Green Dream

The tinkling of a cow,

The sizzling of a hummingbird,

The mouthwatering smell of your grandma’s pie on the window

The perfect blue sky clean of carbon dioxide

The vast garden smelling of flowers and vegetables,

The rooster singing in the distance ready to start the day

Until the sun rising

When the tinkling turns into car horns

Where sizzling comes from the air conditioning trying to cool the sweat

Bathed in the smell of the homeless man’s far too many beers on the sidewalk

Looking up to a the sea of billboards and bricks

Opening the shutters to a maze of concrete

Hearing in the distance the voice

Of what could have been our green dream walking away from us.


Yona Benyamin, 1OIB1 (Third prize in the ASIBA poetry competition, senior category)