Our Jade Lights

Our Jade Lights


After lending to the North Pole my jade lights,

I offer my mint tones to compose an etheral sight,

In sequoia forests whence arises a petrichor scent at night.


But there she is, in her scarlet petal dress,

Standing, alone, in MY garden cress,

And all you can notice is her brightness.


She always attracts your attention,

When she projects her fire with pretention

On my irridiant forests which are now vermilion.


Why do you, Humans, prefer her, Red ;

Despite my resplendent lime and olive shades

Coloring the grass around watersheds?


I’m leaving, hearing the mellifluous sound 

Of mambas, boomerangs slithering to the ground,

Closing my emerald eyes, to reach the eternal bound.


Eva Rivière 1OIB1 (finalist in the ASIBA poetry competition senior category)